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It goes without saying that we are facing serious times right now. We know our educators and school staff are stressed, tired, and often feeling overwhelmed with their compounding responsibilities. The Dietitians at Nourished Lifestyles know this because many of our clients are educators throughout the state of Maine. We have helped many find quick and easy ways to fuel their bodies to deal with the additional demands. We also help them find positive ways to cope with the stress of the current times.


If your school is part of the MEA Benefit Trust Anthem insurance plan, you have full coverage to meet with a dietitian! We offer services in person in Kennebunk and virtually statewide. Most other insurance plans cover visits with a dietitian, and are happy to confirm your coverage for you.



A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a health professional who has undergone significant education and training to understand food and nutrition as it relates to our bodies and our health.

  • An RD is your most credible, objective, and reliable source for science-based nutrition information.

  • Personally tailored nutrition advice to optimize your health and wellness goals

  • Support in managing diabetes and high blood pressure

Our team of Registered Dietitians is here to support you.

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