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Happy National Cookbook Month!

The Cookbook of the month is…

Half Baked Harvest Every Day: Recipes for Balanced, Flexible, Feel-Good Meals: A Cookbook by Tieghan Gerard.

Tieghan Gerard, known as Half Baked Harvest on social media, is known for her emphasis on balance, bold flavors, and feel-good food that is not about restrictive eating. This cookbook has a little something for everyone, with a variety of recipes including plant-forward recipes, comforting family favorites, and desserts!

Consider purchasing this cookbook to add variety, new flavors, and new recipes to your plans this fall! You can also check out Half Baked Harvest on Instagram, or on her website.

Link to Half Baked Harvest website where links to purchase the cookbook are provided:

The History of Cookbooks

While we have almost unlimited access to recipes online, cookbooks are timeless and traditional.

The first cookbook dates back to 1700 BCE and they have been a part of society ever since! Cookbooks are organized recipes that have been tested and edited prior to publishing with the purpose of being used and shared for a long period of time. Cookbooks allow us to access well-tested recipes that can be passed down through generations. They can also be a way to connect family through generations. It can be unreliable to save recipes we have found online, and we may not remember where that screenshot, PDF, or email with the recipe went! Cookbooks allow us to put our favorites on the shelf in the kitchen to take down whenever needed. Some other reasons to love cookbooks include ease of navigation, organization, the luxurious feeling of the pictures and glossy finishes, and the ability to write in a cookbook! Writing in a cookbook can include adjusting recipes, underlining, and jotting notes in the margins, all things that are more difficult to do with physical copies! Another reason to love cookbooks is the food safety aspect. It is a lot more sanitary to look over at a cookbook while preparing food than to be handling your phone or tablet!

Ways to Celebrate

  • Check out our featured Cookbook of the Month!

  • Revisit old cookbooks and try a recipe.

  • Find an old family cookbook or recipe box to look through and of course, try out a recipe!



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