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Dietitian Pantry Staples

Have you ever wondered what a dietitian keeps in their pantry? Today, Nourished Lifestyles dietitian Becca is featuring some of her pantry essentials.


While I like to try new foods and recipes, there are certain foods that I keep on hand pretty much at all times. These pantry basics allow for lots of meal and snack combinations to feed my husband, baby, and me!


Oats are such a versatile grain, and I always have a large container of plain oats on hand. I use these for a quick breakfast with banana and peanut butter, as a replacement for bread crumbs in meatballs (just grind them up in a blender first!), or in baked goods to make healthy peanut butter cookies or pumpkin muffins.

I love rice, and brown jasmine rice is a fiber rich side to use for dinners or lunches, paired with a protein and a veggie. Or layer everything together and top with some hummus to make a grain bowl!

Fruits and veggies:

I try to always keep a few long lasting fresh fruits and veggies on hand.

Bananas and apples last for the week and make easy snacks or oatmeal and yogurt toppings.

Avocados are delicious source of healthy fats and also make a simple baby food! I like to get a few at varying stages of ripeness so there is always one ready to use.

Carrots, onions, and potatoes are all versatile veggies that don’t go bad before you get the chance to eat them.

Frozen vegetables are also always on hand for a quick side to dinner. Frozen peas and broccoli are my favorite- they hold up well being frozen, heat quickly in the microwave or air fryer, and require no prep. Simply open the bag and you’re good to go!


Frozen edamame and canned beans are protein rich, low prep options for quick and easy salad toppers or additions to rice and other veggies for a simple lunch. Look for low or no sodium canned beans, and rinse before using.

Greek yogurt makes an easy snack or breakfast paired with fruit and some nuts.

Eggs are always on hand, to use in baking or to eat scrambled with some veggies for breakfast.


Hummus to use for a veggie and cracker dip as a snack, or a topping for a grain bowl lunch, or mixed with a little balsamic for an easy salad dressing. Sometimes I even eat it with my eggs!

Chocolate chips! I like the dark chocolate ones and use them for baking or sometimes just for snacking.

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