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Change Up Your Easter Traditions!

To prevent your child from trying to eat that whole chocolate Easter bunny, then proceeding to throw it up, we’ve come up with a few non-food ideas to help with the Easter festivities!

Easter Egg Filling:

  • Little kids (caution for little kids and small objects)

    • Change - nothing gets someone excited like the rattling of cash! Pennies, nickels, dimes…

    • Hair clips and elastics

    • Marbles or pretty stones

    • Temporary tattoos

    • Finger puppets

    • Lego figurines

    • Bracelets

    • Bouncy balls

    • Bubbles

    • Plastic bugs

  • Big Kids

    • Little bottles of nail polish

    • Cash, gift cards (small denominations) like $5 to the local smoothie shop

    • Lip balm

    • Earrings

    • Movie tickets

    • Guitar picks

    • Air plants (super cool plants that you just need to spritz with water every now and then, no soil needed)

Easter Basket Ideas:

  • Little kids

    • Deck of cards

    • Crayons or art supplies

    • New bathing suit

    • Beach towels

    • Fun socks

    • Bath toys

    • Dress up clothes

    • Pool toys

  • Big Kids

    • Spa stuff (i.g. Face masks, nail polish, toe separators, hair towel)

    • Make-up (i.e. new brushes, brush cleaner, fun eye shadow)

    • Hair clips and elastics

    • Socks! Or fun t-shirts

    • Mad libs

    • Fun yard game or even a cool frisbee

    • Rubik's cube

    • Phone stand

    • Twinkle lights

    • Hammock in a bag

    • Fun water bottle

    • Head lamp

    • Utility knife

There is nothing like a competitive Easter Egg hunt; pinning sibling against sibling for the greatest number of candy filled eggs! We love tradition around here but… sometimes, it's good for traditions to evolve. Keep the traditions you love, and switch out the ones you don’t!

Our Registered Dietitians love sharing ideas like these ones. Contact our team today to talk with our Dietitians.


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