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A Dietitian’s Favorite Holiday Food

Our dietitians share their favorite holiday treats!

Leslie - Peanut Butter Fudge

Leslie’s memere has been making Leslie her own batch of peanut butter fudge every year since she went away to college. Sixteen years later, Leslie still looks forward to her Memere’s peanut butter fudge. While Memere is getting on in her years (97 years young), Leslie has been trying to savor her fudge over the past few years. She gets a bit possessive over the fudge and might even count the pieces to ensure her family isn’t taking pieces without asking! Last year, Leslie was able to stretch out her batch to last until May! Even though Leslie has the recipe, we know food always tastes better when it is made with love and gifted.

Anne - Tourtiere

Anne has a family tradition of making (and eating!) Tourtiere (translated: pork pie). Lean ground pork is simmered with spices and then added to a buttery pie crust and baked. This is a traditional French-Canadian holiday recipe. She recalls the many years of eating this with her in-laws. She is looking forward to this and other holiday favorites this Christmas.

Becca - Cookies

Cookies are one of Becca’s favorite foods, and her mom’s christmas cookies are no exception! Becca’s mom makes dozens of batches of cookies every year. The ginger molasses cookies are her favorite, but she doesn’t discriminate. Peanut butter blossoms, linzer cookies, sugar cookies, and toffee bars are all delicious too. She especially enjoys helping her mom bake along with her sister. This year Becca’s daughter got to attend her first cookie day- and though she wasn’t much actual help, she provided plenty of cuteness!

Our holiday-treat-loving dietitians are here to support you in finding your nourished lifestyle, which includes savoring all of the holiday favorites. Click this link to contact our team now.


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